Google Asks FCC to Reclassify Broadband as Utility


Google filed with the FCC to reclassify broadband as a utility under Title II of the Telecommunications Act. Up until now Google hasn’t had the luxury of using key infrastructure to wire its broadband like Comcast, AT&T and other big services have enjoyed.

From the Wall Street Journal -

Title II would expose Google Fiber to new regulations usually targeted at communications utilities and monopolies. Rates and service quality would be regulated by the government and Google Fiber may have to ask permission to stop providing some services, according to Tom Cohen, a communications lawyer at Kelley Drye & Warren.

Leveraging poles, ducts, conduits and rights of way cost a fraction of what Google is paying to wire homes currently. With the new regulations and use of this infrastructure, Google will be able to cheaply wire homes almost anywhere.

More fiber = more markets.


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