Twitter, Facebook, reddit? Where Do You Get Your News?

Television and print as we know them aren’t quite dead yet but they’re on their way out so aside from these two mediums, how do you consume the news? Are you a single-sourcer, do you read a number of sites or are you into aggregators?

You can probably figure out consumption by demographic break down, for example my step-dad reads a handful of sites, my mom the same, if that many. A number of my friends only have time for a single aggregated source, so it ends up being something like Twitter or Facebook. My nerd friends make their source reddit or Slashdot.

This is the breakdown of how I consume the news and in the order that I do it -

Digg Reader - First I was a loyal Google Reader user until that service was axed which I then transitioned over to The Old Reader. The Old Reader features were pleasantly reminiscent of the Google Reader from days past but the site was slow and buggy. I made the switch to Digg and will stay there until something better comes along cough cough not Feedly.

Twitter - By the time I get to Twitter I’m on the go, heading out to where ever. Twitter is convenient for perusing while I’m on the metro, waiting at the doctor’s office, walking. etc.

reddit - reddit has a bit of everything, you name the topic and there’s a sub for it. I like to use reddit when I’m at home and can take the time to look through posts and read the top comments.

Hacker News - I either go directly to Hacker News, read the rss feed on Digg or the reposts on reddit. This is the place to go for unfiltered tech news.

Facebook - There’s not really a whole lot of news here, it’s mainly friend and family updates with a sprinkling of news updates. I’ll spend my tim checking out what my community is up to, post something interesting, and make my way back to reddit, Twitter or Digg.

It will be interested to read this post in 10 years when I’m watching the latest hologram of Anderson Cooper, arguing with redditors about the merits of bitcoin sidechains through my Google Android TV and reading my paper-thin foldable flatscreen newspaper.


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