Many Headed Hydra of Open Bay


I had written recently about what happens when you gut a place like Silk Road. What you see is new technology replace the old and a hundred platforms in place of the one.

Recently it appears that this lesson hasn’t been learned and probably never will be as long as the original platform is deemed illegal. The Pirate Bay, after years of prosecution against its founding members, has finally shut its doors.

But nobody really believed that would be the end of it, that would be too naive.

Open Bay has opened up and created a platform that allows anyone to set up shop as a Pirate Bay clone. Where we had one Pirate Bay, we now have 372.

From VentureBeat -

The Open Bay, which lets anyone with “minimal knowledge of how the Internet and websites work” deploy their own version of The Pirate Bay online, is becoming an open source engine of The Pirate Bay website, the group told VentureBeat in an email. “The fate of Open Bay is now in the hands of worldwide community.”

It also looks like the Open Bay project “has been forked 522 times and starred 1,841 times. As a result, it is this week’s most popular project on GitHub.”

You know the best way to stop pirating? Make content accessible and affordable in a timely manner and people will quit pirating it from the web. Not that hard of a lesson to learn.


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